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Metabolic and Cardiovascular Medicine


Professor KUBOTA Naoto
Associate Professor MATSUMURA Takeshi
Lecturer KONDO Tatsuya (University Hospital Affiliation)
t-kondo(at mark)
Assistant Professor SAKAGUCHI Masaji
Assistant Professor FUKUDA Kazuki

Research theme

In the Department of Metabolic Medicine, we are conducting clinical research aimed at advanced medical care by advancing the molecular biological elucidation of pathological conditions in diabetes, metabolic diseases, and endocrine diseases.

In the field of diabetes, we are focusing on the studies of the

  1. mechanisms of insulin secretion and insulin signaling for the development of novel diabetes therapy,
  2. clinical application of the method to induce pancreatic β cell regeneration for the treatment of diabetes,
  3. insulin resistance of fat tissues under metabolic syndrome condition,
  4. exploration of novel physiological factor that induces adipose tissue differentiation and regeneration,
  5. involvement of exosomes from fat tissues in metabolic disorders.
  6. clinical application and investigation of molecular mechanisms of Mild Electric current and Thermo (MET) therapy that reduce visceral fat and improve insulin resistance and pancreatic β-cell function.

In the field of endocrinology, we are focusing on the studies of the

  1. pathophysiology and diagnosis of adrenal tumors,
  2. harmful effects of aldosterone on pancreatic -cells and its prevention by eprerenone,
  3. pathophysiology of glucose intolerance in acromegaly,

In the field of lipid metabolism, atherosclerosis and obesity, we are focusing on the studies of the

  1. roles of AMPK on atherogenesis,
  2. roles of macrophage proliferation in atherosclerotic lesion formation,
  3. genetic background of obesity in human.

Sakaguchi M, et. al. Phosphatase Protector Alpha4 (α4) is involved in Adipocyte Maintenance and Mitochondrial Homeostasis through Regulation of Insulin Signaling.
Nature Communications 13(1):6092, (2022).