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Integrated Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Professor MOROISHI Toshiro
moroishi(at mark)
Assistant Professor KANAMORI Yohei
kanamori(at mark)
Assistant Professor NITA Akihiro
akinita(at mark)
Assistant Professor SAKAMOTO Yasuhisa
ysaka(at mark)

Research theme

In multicellular organisms, different types of cells are cooperatively organized to form tissues in the body. Cells continuously detect broad signals from their environment and integrate the information to decide their fate. Dysregulation of this mechanism causes a broad spectrum of disorders in humans, including tissue degeneration and cancer. Our research interests involve physiological mechanisms regulating tissue homeostasis and integrity. We would like to understand how cells sense their environment and appropriately adapt their biological activities, especially in the regulation of cell signaling and metabolism. The goal of our research is to understand molecular mechanisms operating in tissue physiology as well as pathological disruptions, such as metabolic disorders, cancer, and immune-mediated diseases. We aim to provide scientific basis for drug discovery for those diseases. Please visit our English website for details (