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Integrated Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Assistant Professor KITA Kanako
kitakana(at mark)

Research theme

The new ” Department of Comprehensive Molecular Medicine” was established in April 2020, and various researches are being conducted under the concept of taking a hierarchical approach to all life science issues.

We usually focus on disease research such as cancer research and development of anti-cancer drugs.

From the first year of Reiwa, I was appointed as a regional revitalization adviser in Taragi-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture by the Cabinet Office Regional Revitalization Human Resource Support System. Here, I am working as a regional resource branding advisor, including support for the sixth industrialization business. Since 2023, as the first class 1 emergency manager in Kumamoto Prefecture, I have been devoting myself to helping everyone through cross-sectoral activities, such as giving advice on crisis management and disaster prevention for organizations and towns.