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Professor SAKAGAMI Takuro
Associate Professor ICHIYASU Hidenori
Assistant Professor YOSHIDA Chieko
Assistant Professor SARUWATARI Koichi

Research theme

Our aim is to clarify the mechanism of respiratory disease and establish novel treatment, trough translational research. The projects of our research are as follows:

  1. Anti-tumor immune response induced by cancer associated fibroblasts (CAF) and development of new immunotherapy for lung adenocarcinoma
  2. The clinical research for combined cancer immunotherapy with escape of tumor immune suppression and active immunity.
  3. The development of treatment for small cell lung cancer by controlling activation of tumor-associated macrophages.
  4. Elucidation of the clinical significance and functional analyses of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes expressing drebrin in lung cancer patients.
  5. Development of a novel cancer therapy targeted at gut microbiome in advanced thoracic malignancies.
  6. The elucidation of the mechanism of fibrosis in health screening-detected interstitial lung abnormality(ILA).
  7. The strategy of appropriate antibiotic use in the treatment of intractable respiratory tract infections.
  8. Research on the development of new treatment methods for acute exacerbation of IPF and progressive pulmonary fibrosis (PPF).
  9. Novel cytokine function by analysis of autoantibody against certain cytokines, such as GM-CSF and IFN-γ.
  10. Elucidation of the host immune response to lung nontuberculous mycobacterial infection.