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Integrated Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Professor YOSHIDA Motofumi
Assistant Professor ANAN Kotaro

Research theme

Recently, the publicization of common achievement test including CBT(Computer Based Testing) and OSCE(Objective Structured Clinical Examination), the approval of medical practice by medical students based on the revision of the Medical Practitioners Act, the implementation of case management and rigorous evaluation in clinical practice involving medical treatment accompanying the revision of the Model Core Curriculum for Medical Education in Japan. Based on the viewpoint of seamlessly connecting medical school education and clinical training, the educational system for training doctors has changed significantly. The Department of Comprehensive Medical Education is a specializing in medical education that: (1) develops, formulates, implements, and manages new medical education programs that correspond to the university’s mission and learning outcomes, as well as the new Model Core Curriculum for Medical Education in Japan, (2) Appropriate implementation and management of student evaluations in medical education programs, including common achievement test,(3)Planning, implementation, and management of clinical training in line with revisions to the Medical Practitioners Act, (4) New clinical training it develops and implements student evaluations, and (5) evaluates and improves the medical education program of the university. In addition, we are also focusing on research activities such as research and development of new medical education methods and formulation of clinical training methods that are in line with cutting-edge medical care. We are working to develop and revitalize medical education.