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Integrated Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Professor SARUWATARI Junji
junsaru(at mark)
Associate Professor ONIKI Kentarou
oniken(at mark)

Research theme

1) we attempt to identify the determinants of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the neuro-psychotropic drugs using a modeling & simulation approach. To date, we developed the population pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models of several commonly used antiepileptic drugs, such as clobazam and valproic acid, incorporating genetic polymorphisms of cytochrome P450 enzymes, and then we proposed the recommended doses. 2) Opportunities exist at every stage of disease initiation and progression for the development of a health plan addressing lifestyle, risk modification, and disease management. We therefore attempt to identify the common susceptibility genes, which modify the disease initiation and progression in concert with the lifestyle, using multiple regression models, and to develop a personalized health plan based on the risk stratification by the combination of several susceptibility genotypes. Additionally, 3) we attempt to detect the genetic and non-genetic risk factors, particularly female while considering sex differences, on the adverse drug reactions based on the medical records. Other projects include 4) Safety assessment: evaluation of the potential interaction between Kampo medicine and co-administered drugs.