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Professor MOTOYAMA Keiichi
motoyama(at mark)

Research theme

Cyclodextrins (CyDs) are high-performance drug carriers, because of their ability to control the rate and time profiles of drug release, the ability to enhance the drug absorption across biological barriers, and the ability to deliver a drug to a targeted site. We are currently engaging in the research projects entitle “Design and Evaluation of CyD-based Drug Delivery Systems (DDS)” as follows: 1) Development of DNA and siRNA delivery systems using various dendrimer/CyD conjugates, 2) Development of CyD-based nanoparticles for novel drug targeting system, 3) Development of sustained release system of pegylated proteins using CyD polypseudorotaxane, 4) Improvement of pharmaceutical properties of peptide and protein drugs by CyDs and CyD conjugates, 5) Development of anticancer drug using CyD and CyD/drug complex, 6) Self-assembly PEGylation of protein drugs using a CyD-based supramolecular host–guest interaction, 7) Potential use of ampholytic polysaccharide sacran from the Japanese indigenous cyanobacterium Aphanothece Sacrum for atopic dermatitis therapy.

Chemical Structures of α-CyD/Dendrimer Conjugate (α-CDE,G3), Lactose-appended α-CDE (Lac-α-CDE,G3) and Folate-appended α-CDE (Fol-PαC, G3)