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Integrated Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Professor KATSUKI Hiroshi
hkatsuki(at mark)
Assistant Professor KURAUCHI Yuki

Research theme

We are conducting research on various disorders of the central nervous system based on pharmacological approaches. Disorders featured by neurodegeneration such as intracerebral hemorrhage, Parkinson disease and spinocerebellar ataxia are the major focus of our research including elucidation of the mechanisms of pathological changes and neurological symptoms, search for molecules potentially targeted by drugs, and the analysis of drug actions using neuronal/glial cell lines, primary neuronal cultures, organotypic slice cultures and in vivo disease models. Other topics include the analysis of behaviors associated with anxiety disorder and social hierarchy-induced stress as well as their neurochemical basis, and the analysis of the pathogenic mechanisms of migraine by real-time measurement of cerebral blood flow and evaluation of the actions of drug candidates.