Advanced Biomedical Sciences


Advanced Biomedical Sciences
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Professor MUKASA Akitake
Associate Professor SHINOJIMA Naoki
Assistant Professor KURODA Junichiro
Assistant Professor UEKAWA Ken

Research theme

Our fundamental policy is do the best efforts for the today’s patients and research for the tomorrow’s patients. Clinically, we are searching for safer and more precise surgery. We are also eager to introduce such new treatment modalities other than microsurgery such as endovascular surgery, navigation system, neuroendoscope, and stereotactic radiosurgery in close relationship with affiliated hospital. This enables us to choose best single or combined treatment modalities in each patients. We have a large series of patients with cerebrovascular disease, glioma and pituitary tumors. In the research fields, we have four groups; cerebrovascular, brain tumor, functional neurosurgery, and endovascular surgery groups.

Double immunofluorescent staining in the gerbil CA1 subfield with antibodies against STEP and GFAP.