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Professor OYA Natsuo
n-oya(at mark)
Assistant Professor FUKUGAWA Yoshiyuki
Assistant Professor WATAKABE Takahiro

Research theme

To improve the outcome and decrease the adverse effects in radiotherapy, clinical application of following novel techniques is under investigation: clinical investigation of IMRT and stereotactic radiotherapy; incorporating the biological tumor characteristics into 3-D conformal radiotherapy by MR- and PET/CT image fusion; minimizing the set-up error by the imageguided radiotherapy system using kV-cone beam CT; optimizingirradiation fields by monitoring the respiratory movement with the 4-D CT-based radiotherapy planning system.

A:PET/CT image fusion-based radiotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma
B:IMRT for prostatic cancer
C,D:Stereotacitic radiotherapy for lung cancer