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Professor KITAJIMA Mika
mkitaji(at mark)
Professor SHIRAISHI Junji
j2s(at mark)
Associate Professor UCHIYAMA Yoshikazu
y_uchi(at mark)
Associate Professor FUJIWARA Yasuhiro
yfuji(at mark)
Associate Professor YONEDA Tetsuya
tyoneda(at mark)
Assistant Professor TSUJITA Naoko
ntsujita(at mark)

Research theme

Our group is developing new analyzing methods for various medical images and assessing the usefulness of these methods in clinical practice. Our research is classified into two fields. A. We research the development of novel MR imaging sequences and post-processing techniques, specifically 1) application for diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease with phase information of amyloid plaque, 2) research of imaging biomarkers in various diseases using quantitative information such as relaxometry and perfusion. We also research for MR safety. B. The CAD is defined as the diagnosis which is made by physician by using information provided quantitatively by the computer as a “second opinion”, and applied in the broad field in radiology such as diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, and ultrasonography. In addition, new researches such as prognosis prediction for the optimal selection of therapeutic procedure, computer-assisted radiological techniques, and a novel research field ‘radiogenomics’ which has been developed to offer a new viewpoint for the use of genotypes in radiology and medical imaging phenotypes.

1) Phase information can provide various image contrast: (a) vessel-enhanced image, b) tissue- enhanced image

2) Arterial spin labeling can obtain blood flow information non-invasively