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Advanced Biomedical Sciences
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Professor OBAYASHI Konen
konen(at mark)
Professor YAGINUMA Yuji
yaginuma(at mark)
Professor YAMAMOTO Masahiro
masahiro(at mark)
Lecturer ITO Masahiro
ito(at mark)
Assistant Professor HASHIMOTO Coji
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Research theme

We focus on the studies based on the structural and functional analysis indispensable for laboratory testing, for the purpose of both clarifying the structure and the function of livings and elucidating causes and pathophysiological mechanisms of various diseases. In grappling with some new, pivotal research tasks in medical and biological fields, we are trying to analyze various biomedical information from the cellular level to the organismal level by using leading-edge techniques in morphology, pathology, physiology, cell biology and molecular biology. Our major goal is to understand, through these research activities, various biological phenomena and to develop a new molecular and cellular biological method in laboratory testing. We are studying on the following researches: (1) Molecular morphological and pathological studies on cell proliferation, cell differentiation, cell death and carcinogenesis. (2) Physiological studies on taste and somatosensory systems, and respiration and circulation. (3) Pathophysiological and therapeutic studies of autonomic disorders. (4) Clinico-pathological and biochemical studies of protein misfolding disorders.

Fluorescent and electron micrographs of apoptotic spermatogenic cells (green, arrow).