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Advanced Biomedical Sciences
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Professor ITO Takashi
tito(at mark)
Professor OTSUBO Kazuaki
kohtsubo(at mark)
Professor OMORI Hisamitsu
omorih(at mark)
Associate Professor TASAKI Masayoshi
tasaki(at mark)
Assistant Professor KAJIHARA Ryutaro
kajihara(at mark)
Assistant Professor MATSUO Yuichi
ymatsuo(at mark)
Assistant Professor MORI Nobuko
nobuko(at mark)

Research theme

The investigative purpose of this field is an analysis of the life function that consists of the intercellular interaction or the cooperation between cell-cell or tissues by catching the interaction and functional relationship between the molecules and the biological macromolecules as communication, using molecular cell biology techniques. This biological information analysis study targeting of disease and healthy people includes the areas of immunology, hematology, biochemistry, clinical chemistry, genetic testing, microbiology, parasitology and Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Not only the study of these individuals also brought changes in the functional relationship between life and social environment and life environment, using techniques such as molecular biology and epidemiological survey, reveal the relationship between risk factors and diseases. The research that aimed for development of the effective medical inspection technology and the prevention methods of the occurrence of affected individuals is performed.