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Professor KONDOH Eiji
kondoh(at mark)
Associate Professor OHBA Takashi
tkohba(at mark)
Assistant Professor SASAKI Rumi
Assistant Professor IWAGOI Yutaka

Research theme

Our research group focuses on elucidating the morphological and molecular biology of gynecological malignancies, particularly ovarian and endometrial cancers.
Epithelial ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy. Because of the highly metastatic potential of this fatal disease, the majority of ovarian cancer patients are diagnosed at advanced stages with multiple peritoneal disseminated tumors. Although most patients with advanced ovarian cancer initially respond to a combination of taxane and platinum-based chemotherapy, small numbers of chemoresistant disseminated cancer cells in metastatic sites can persist and remain dormant for prolonged periods, leading to relapse. Therefore, comprehensive understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate the development of peritoneal metastasis and chemoresistance with regard to “ovarian cancer stem cells,” which are responsible for these malignant phenotypes, will help in overcoming this life-threatening disease. We hope that ovarian cancer stem cell research will ultimately guide clinical decision-making in association with the development of novel therapeutic strategies, affecting the clinical outcome of ovarian cancer patients.
Estrogen is associated with the carcinogenesis of endometrial cancer, in which the mutation of PTEN gene that is one of tumor suppressor gene is most frequently detected. Model mice carrying a PTEN mutation, cell lines, and endometrial cancer tissues are used for analyses to elucidate the involvement of endocrinological environment and gene mutations in the carcinogenesis. A new strategy for the treatment of young women with endometrial cancer are under development regarding their endocrinological backgrounds.