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Professor NAKAZATO Hitoshi
hnakazat(at mark)

Research theme

 In Japan, reduced infant mortality and life expectancy at world highest level have been achieved with the development of medicine including pediatrics and the improvement of the hygienic environment. However, the environment surrounding children has changed largely, and new problems arise such as pediatric health issues (changes in lifestyle etc.) and impact of health on the next generation.

 Department of Pediatric Health Education collaborates with Department of Pediatrics to promote the latest research on diagnosis and therapy of pediatric diseases, especially kidney disease. We promote health education starting from childhood including preventive medicine, and aim to train medical and school personnel who can practice child health education.

  1. Analysis of hereditary kidney disease
  2. Research on new protein related to kidney diseases
  3. Research on musculoskeletal examination in schools
  4. Research on relationship between mental health and lifestyle in children
  5. Training medical and school personnel who can practice child health education