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Advanced Biomedical Sciences
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Professor Ohtsubo Kazuaki
kohtsubo(at mark)
Assistant Professor Hashimoto Koji
coji(at mark)

Research theme

In our body, the elaborate regulation of interactions between biomolecules enables the transmission of diverse biological information and produces life phenomena adapted to changes in the environment. The majority of proteins, which are responsible for biological phenomena, undergo glycosylation as a post-translational modification, which regulates their intra- and intermolecular interaction properties and enables them to fulfil their intended functions. While glycan synthesis in cells optimizes protein function by dynamically changing in response to the microenvironment, defective or aberrant glycan synthesis impair the functional regulation of proteins, resulting in the development of disease. These aberrant glycans can be used as pathogenic biomarkers in the field of clinical testing. The Department of Biomolecular Regulatory Analytics conducts research to elucidate the regulatory mechanisms of glycan-mediated biological functions at the molecular level by using biochemical and molecular biological research methods. These research activities contribute to academic development, but also to the elucidation of disease mechanisms, the development of therapeutic drugs and the development of novel disease biomarkers.