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Professor Yamamoto Masahiro
masahiro(at mark)

Research theme

The Department of Tumor Pathology aims to research the onset (carcinogenesis), progression, and treatment of tumors through a next-generation pathological approach from both the perspectives of basic pathology and surgical pathology, striving for a comprehensive understanding of tumor biology and the social application of its findings.

Pathology is a discipline that bases diagnoses on the morphological changes in cells and tissues and elucidates the pathophysiology behind these changes. Pathology has actively incorporated protein and genetic analysis to diagnose and clarify diseases. We will leverage this strength to challenge the elucidation of tumor pathophysiology through a next-generation pathological approach that combines new analytical technologies with morphology. We aim to comprehensively understand tumor biology through basic pathology and surgical pathology, using cultured cells, animal experiments, and cytopathology/histopathology specimens. Recently, molecular targeted therapy, which uses genetic mutations as therapeutic markers, has made remarkable progress. We conduct basic research on cancer treatment based on the mechanisms of carcinogenesis.

In the future, we aim to apply the insights gained through elucidating tumor biology as diagnostic/treatment markers for tumors, contributing to society by establishing laboratory testing methods for early tumor diagnosis and determining treatment efficacy.