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Professor KATOH Takahiko
katoht(at mark)
Associate Professor LU Xi
Assistant Professor MASUDA Shota

Research theme

Human health & disease conditions are determined by the complex interplay between genetic susceptibility and environmental exposure, including life style. We are interested in researching and discovering the genetic and environmental causes of health disparities. Understanding genetic susceptibility to environmental agents will allow more precise identification of the environmental agents that cause diseases, and the true risks of exposures. We are currently engaged in the following research projects:

  1. molecular epidemiological studies of gene-environment interactions in cancer etiology
  2. epidemiological study of the relationship between harmful factors in environment and children’s health condition and development
  3. Elucidation of the action mechanism of the environmental factors on the brain development.

These studies can lead to more effective disease prevention and the improvement of public health. Furthermore, we try to realize better life and health to seek measures for people to enjoy being in high quality of life (QOL) by themselves.