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Professor TAKEBAYASHI Minoru
Associate Professor BOKU Shuken
Assistant Professor ARAI Naohiro

Research theme

urpose of our study is to create innovation of psychiatric objective diagnostic method and novel therapy by revealing mystery in pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders based on integration of psychiatry, brain science, psychology, pharmacology and engineering. Our institute collaborates with Kumamoto university, and other several research institutes. Our research is translational between clinical and basic field and topics are as follows;

  1. Development of biomarker and drug discovery in mood disorders from the perspective of glia and brain inflammation.
  2. Development of neuromodulation therapy such as ECT and TMS for its method, relapse prevention, mechanism of effect and new modality.
  3. Pathophysiology of mood disorders and schizophrenia from the perspective of epigenome.
  4. Large scale cohort study of dementia and mood disorders for elderly people (Arao city in Kumamoto).
  5. Prevention of geriatric mood disorders from suicide (Asagiri-cho in Kumamoto).
  6. Clinical and basic research on delirium
  7. Brain imaging study for dementia and mood disorders.
  8. Clinical feature and pathophysiology in mood disorders at childhood and early adolescence.
  9. Association study of dementia and developmental disorders.

Contact address; Shuken Boku MD,