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Environmental and Sociomedical Sciences
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Professor MORIOKA Hiroshi
morioka(at mark)
Associate Professor KOBASHIGAWA Yoshihiro
Assistant Professor SATO Takashi
tsato(at mark)

Research theme

Based on analysis of specific interactions of biological molecules, such as proteins, drugs and nucleic acids, we are doing researches aimed at developing functional molecules for drug discovery, pathophysiological study, and therapeutic study based on protein engineering, biophysics, structural biology, evolutionary molecular engineering and so on. Our recent research projects are as follows.

  1. Analysis of antigen recognition mechanism and development of functional recombinant antibody molecules for industrial use.
  2. Basic study for development of inhibitors for protein-protein interactions (PPI).

We conduct researches and provide educations based on knowledge and technology about biochemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, molecular biology, bioorganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry and structural biology.