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Professor AOISHI Keiko
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Professor MAEDA Hitomi
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Associate Professor NAKAMURA Satsuki
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Associate Professor MATSUMOTO Chiharu
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Lecturer NAGATA Manami
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Assistant Professor FUKUSHIGE Mami
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Assistant Professor MORIEDA Sakiko
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Research theme

In Japan, the medical environment is changing due to the aging of the population, changes in the disease structure, and changes in people’s health consciousness. It is becoming more important to provide nursing care to people in their homes or in the kind of environments they are accustomed to. In particular, with the rising global aging rate, there is a need for services that would help older adults in various states of health maintain their best health and continue to live without losing their personality.

The Department of Fundamental Nursing has three points of focus :1) the accumulation of social, historical, and cultural knowledge affecting the health care of people with diverse backgrounds, 2) the theory that forms the basis of nursing practice as a science of practice, and 3) the development of evidence-based nursing technology.

Our research streams are as follows:

  1. research on nursing ethics and nursing philosophy based on human dignity and respect for life
  2. research on nursing skills, nursing informatics, nursing education, and infection prevention nursing to improve nursing practice
  3. research to improve the health promotion of people living in the community, home care nursing, psychiatric nursing, and gerontological nursing

Through these research results, we aim to help develop the type of high-caliber nursing practice skills that can scientifically approach the effects of nursing activities in various settings, from both “medical” and “lifestyle” perspectives, and create communities where people can live with peace of mind.