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Environmental and Sociomedical Sciences
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Professor KOKUFU Hiroko
kokufu(at mark)
Professor MITOMA Rika
mitoma(at mark)
Associate Professor KUKINAKA Chieko
kukinaka(at mark)
Associate Professor SAKANASHI Kyoko
sakanasi(at mark)
shiroshita(at mark)
Assistant Professor SHIMADA Kuniko
kshimada(at mark)
Assistant Professor HIGUCHI Yuki
hyuki(at mark)
Assistant Professor FUKUYAMA Miki
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Research theme

 The purpose of this department is (1) to promote the recovery of disorders, (2) to develop a regionally-based living environment for people with disorders, and (3) to provide nursing support in accordance to one’s health needs.

 In addition, this department is engaged in research and development regarding physical assessment, methods and systems of care for patients with diverse medical needs, especially cancer, chronic illness, elderly, acute condition, as well as for those patients (and their families) with psychological concerns arising from their medical conditions.

 In the area of pediatric nursing, we are conducting research that contributes to the development of care and systems that support the unique development of children and their families in a variety of situations. In particular, we are engaged in research on low birth weight infants, children with chronic diseases, and children requiring medical care, and their families.

 Maternal Nursing studies situations in which nursing is needed and how it helps promote sexual and reproductive health throughout a woman’s life. In midwifery, we comprehensively understand perinatal women (pregnancy, childbirth, childcare) and their families from the physical and psychosocial aspects, and study diagnosis and techniques.