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Professor OKOCHI Ayako
okochi(at mark)
Professor KAWANO Hiroaki
koumei(at mark)
Professor TASHIRO Hironori
htashiro(at mark)
Associate Professor AKIZUKI Yuri
yuriaki(at mark)
Lecturer NASU Makoto
mnasu(at mark)
Assistant Professor KANAMORI Yumie
yumiek(at mark)
Assistant Professor TANIGAWA Chiharu
tanigawa(at mark)
Assistant Professor YAMAMOTO Makiko
mayamamoto(at mark)
Assistant Professor YOSHIDA Kayo
kyoshida(at mark)

Research theme

The Department of Health Sciences aims to 1) study educations and researches regarding health sciences, including various issues such as gynecologic tumours, puberty, pregnant/perinatal period, menopause, and old-age in each female life-cycle, 2) focus on the characteristics of heart disease in both men and women, to provide medical care that takes into account ageing and gender differences; 3) enhance the health, prolong the life expectancies, improve the QOL of all people in the community.

Our research themes are as follows: women’s health sciences; study on human brain morphology and sociality; care systems for vulnerable mothers and children; recovery from disasters and health crisis management; establishment of support system to community older adults who work on care prevention activity; support to nurture social capital among mothers raising their childrenchildren; building of education programmes to enhance pre-conception self care ability.