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Comprehensive community care Development Nursing

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Professor AOISHI Keiko
keikoao(at mark)
Associate Professor NAKAMURA Satsuki
nakamura_s(at mark)
Lecturer KANAMORI Yumie
yumiek(at mark)
Assistant Professor MORIEDA Sakiko
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Research theme

 Department of Comprehensive community care Development Nursing consists of three nursing disciplines: Psychiatric Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, and Community and Home Health Nursing. Our research is aimed at developing comprehensive community care.

 Psychiatric Nursing provides nursing education that encompasses not only the care of people with mental disorders but also the mental health of all people living in the community. Our research activities focus on how to maintain a healthy mind in today’s stressful society.

 Gerontological nursing respects the life stories of the elderly and works to develop care that enables them to continue to live the life they want in their own community, even when they need medical or nursing care. It is committed to training nurses who can accompany the elderly throughout their lives and support them to live their lives in their own way.

 Field of Community Health and Home Nursing conducts daily research and education on nursing activities necessary for all people living in the community and at home to realize their own lives, from the perspectives of continuing nursing care, home nursing, social resources, and community care systems.