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Professor Atogami Fumi
fatogami(at mark)
Assistant Professor Shimada Kuniko
kshimada(at mark)
Assistant Professor Yoshida Kayo
kyoshida(at mark)

Research theme

 We conduct education and research on maternal and nursing for women and families, followed by midwifery. Faced with the global challenge of population decline, we aim to deepen our understanding of women’s lifelong health challenges based on the concept of preconception and strive to produce the next generation of perinatal nursing professionals capable of developing innovative nursing care.

 Our activities include providing educational support to parents based on preconception care, delivering reproductive health support for men in the reproductive age and developing interdisciplinary care for the physical and mental well-being of women during the perinatal period.
We engage in research and educational activities on the health of women and families in collaboration with members, stakeholders and external partners.

 Additionally, we provide undergraduate midwifery training. Obtaining a midwife’s license in the foundational education program allows individuals to engage in nursing care in perinatal medical setting early in their careers. This is highly beneficial for those considering various options for the future. Many midwives have graduated from this course and actively provide perinatal health care in various situations.
We have high expectations that the nursing profession will support the next generation during the perinatal period and we will continue to support its emergence.