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Environmental and Sociomedical Sciences
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Professor Okochi Ayako
okochi(at mark)
Assistant Professor Tanigawa Chiharu
tanigawa(at mark)
Assistant Professor Ishikawa Mako
ma-ishikawa(at mark)

Research theme

The Department of Community and Public Health Nursing study and researches aiming to enhance the health, prolong the life expectancies, improve the QOL of all people in the community.

Our research themes are as follows: assessment and care systems for children and mothers of concern; support for the children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders to achieve social adaptation; care systems for caring mental health of the disaster survivors; health crisis management and disaster mitigation; establishment of support system to community older adults who work on care prevention activity; support to nurture social capital among mothers raising their children; job training for public health nurses; job training for occupational health nurses; health and productivity management of small and medium enterprises.