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Environmental and Sociomedical Sciences
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Professor Kawano Hiroaki
koumei(at mark)
Lecturer Nasu Makoto
mnasu(at mark)

Research theme

It is required for our humans to be healthy that physical, mental, and social health are totally in a state of well-being. The Department of Health Promotion contributes to the establishment of a mentally/physically healthier society through a variety of measurements in Medicine, Health Sciences, and Basic Sciences.

The brain is the center of life, therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that all social activities are led by the brain. How is the brain developed, which is the base of sociality? To approach the problem, we study social behaviors and their developmental mechanisms using a genetically engineered mouse model and the organoid culture technique of human iPS cells and mouse ES cells.

Our humans are social animals and develop a community, where we inevitably lead to some biases and distortions and have a substantial influence from them. We can likely control over and promote our health in a healthful society. The scheme of society is a good target to take a health-promoting action. Using the data reflecting a person’s tendencies of activity in a real-life, we aim to convey informative messages for health promotion and disease prevention.