Online Admissions Information Session for International Students, GSMS

Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences(GSMS) invites international students for Master’s and Doctoral Course in FY2024.


For the first time, we hold an admission information session for international students online.
A video of an overview explanation of GSMS and a video of laboratory introductions will be available.
Please feel free to contact the laboratory you are interested in by e-mail.


◎ Overview of GSMS

Overview of Master &Doctoral Course A video of an overview


◎Please see the following pages for an introduction to each department.

   The List of Laboratories(Departments)

◎Please check the following links for information on admissions application forms.

Application forms, application guidelines, etc.


Please check out departments introduction video below.

Department Supervisor(Prof.)/Webpage Department Introduction Video
Molecular Brain Science IWAMOTO Kazuya

Molecular Brain Science WEB page

Diagnostic Radiology HIRAI Toshinori

Diagnostic Radiology WEB page

Kidney Development NISHINAKAMURA Ryuichi

Kidney Development WEB page

Hematopoiesis OKADA Seiji

Hematopoiesis WEB page

Infection and Hematopoiesis SUZU Shinya

Infection and Hematopoiesis WEB page

Infection and Immunity UENO Takamasa

Infection and Immunity WEB page

Genomics and Transcriptomics SATO Yorifumi

Genomics and Transcriptomics WEB page

Molecular Virology & Genetics IKEDA Terumasa

Molecular Virology & Genetics WEB page

Virology and Pathology NOMURA Takushi

(Merged professor:UENO Takamasa)

Virology and Pathology WEB page

Developmental Morphogenesis
Sheng George Guojun

Developmental Morphogenesis WEB page

Developmental Cardiology ARIMA  Yuichiro
Developmental Cardiology WEB page



The websites of each center involved in education and research at GSMS are as follows

Joint Research Center for Human Retrovirus Infection

Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics (IMEG)

The Institute of Resource Development and Analysis (IRDA)

The International Research Center for Medical Sciences (IRCMS)