【Doctoral students】Confirmation of credit acquisition status in AY 2022

Confirmation of credit acquisition status in AY 2022


To 3rd and 4th year Doctoral students



Today is the deadline for degree application for those who complete their studies in March 2023.To complete the doctoral course,
students must earn the prescribed credits. Please check your credit acquisition status at SOSEKI and your academic record through
the certificate issuing system. If you do not have enough credits or unacquired credits, please plan your attendance to earn enough credits.
Students who plan to complete the doctoral course or withdraw by earning credits in March 2023 should complete all the courses currently being taken by December 31.
If the courses are not completed by then, the student will not be considered for completion.

<Remarks : Credit Acquisition Status>

*For the course with ”x” , ‘’Failed’’ has to be retaken. (no need to register again)


*Grading of ”Jissen I”, ”Jissen II” and ”Jissen III” will be determined in the late semester of the final year, therefore, you will see”履修中” or blank, for their grade in SOSEKI until late in the final year.


*Please access the website as below to check the records of your seminar attendances and report submissions.


*For the number of credits required for completion, please refer to the student handbook distributed at the time of admission.


*D3 Medicine and Life Science Training: (Presentation at academic meetings)

The deadlines for D3 credit application are as follows.

Students who scheduled to complete in March 2023 or to withdraw from the university after earning credits: By December 5


Refer to the following website for the instruction and forms for D3.


Confirmation of the academic status