【Master’s students】 Confirmation of credit acquisition status in AY2023


Confirmation of credit acquisition status in AY2022


To 2nd year master’s students



Master’s students are required to earn the prescribed credits within a period of two years. Please check your credit acquisition status at SOSEKI and plan your attendance.

If you do not have enough credits or unacquired credits, be sure to take the courses in Moodle by October 31.



<Remarks : Credit Acquisition Status>


*If you wish to register for additional subjects, please contact Academic Affairs Office.


*For the course of ‘A6 Exercises in Medical Sciences’, and ‘A7 Study in Medical Sciences’, the current status shall be shown as ”in progress” or blank because grading assessment will be done in the last semester of the final year.


Please access the website as below to check the records of your seminar attendances and report submissions.


*For the number of credits required for completion, please refer to the student handbook distributed at the time of admission.



Confirmation of the academic status