Notification : disclosed e-learning lectures

Dear students in a master’s course,

Notification from GSMS Student Affairs Office.

E-learning lectures for master’s course has been started from April 14th.
Your registered courses were uploaded on Moodle so,please take the lectures by yourself.

The period of e-learning will be as follows,

○A1~A5, B1~B6, B8 ( April 14th ー October 31st )
*Regarding B8 : The first, second, third and fourth sessions will be face-to-face as education and training sessions for a new radiation handler. (course A)
Credit cannot be earned without attending these face-to-face lectures. If you are taking B8, please check the Moodle for more details.
These lectures are given in Japanese. There are no English versions.
○B7  ( B7 will be available from July as intensive course )
○C1  ( April 1st ー February 28th )
○C2 ( C2 is available for whole year )

To the students in their 2nd year,
The Student Affairs Section has re-registered the subjects which you haven’t earned the creditin in the first year but, please be aware that the subjects will remain ”不可” (failed) if you were not able to earn the credit in the second year.

Please contact Student Affairs Office if you have any questions.