【Doctoral Course】Degree application Academic Year 2022

【Doctoral Course】Degree application Academic Year 2022


Students Expected to Complete the Doctoral Course in Academic Year 2022 should submit application forms (including published paper or manuscript of thesis)  by the following deadline.


・For graduation in September 2022: May 24 (Tue), 2022

・For graduation in March 2023: November 30 (Wed), 2022


Before the deadline, we accept degree application at any time (weekday 8:30~17:15)

please submit your degree application as soon as your application form are ready.

Please note that applications after the deadline will not be accepted in principle.



Even if you are awaiting acceptance, please submit a complete set of application documents   (including the paper under submission and documents showing the status of submission) by the deadline.

Please note that if the application documents are not submitted by the deadline,

you will not be able to receive the degree review even if your thesis is accepted by the acceptance deadline.


We’ve updated the detail of the degree application and application form on GSMS website so please check our website and submit the document before the deadline.

When applying, please read the application procedure carefully and be careful not to make any mistakes.


And furthermore, to complete doctoral course, students are required to earn designated credits (30 credits).

If you want to know how to check your credit status, please check URL.単位修得状況の確認について(English).pdf


If you have any questions, please contact Student Affairs Office of GSMS.



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