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Education with a passion

The school of Science specializes in medicine and health sciences. We have had more than 9300 graduates since 1896,the era of the Private Kumamoto Medical School. Almost 200 teaching staff belonging to Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences have been assigned to teaching. Most of our graduates are active as doctors after passing national qualifying examination.

The Health sciences course was established in 2003 by integrating College of Medical Technology and nurse training course in faculty of education. Most of our graduates will work as nurses, radiation technologists and clinical laboratory technicians after passing national qualifying examination.

I believe that the tradition of this faculty will continue with the deep knowledge and passion cultivated in our history. Now that we have a new organization of two integrated courses, I think it is the time to think of our new future. We should offer a good educational environment and facilities for students on the medical course and health science course. We will aim to improve further educational method.

I think we need to be tougher mentally. Teaching staff and students on medicine course have strong enthusiasm for education and study and it will continue growing. I hope each member of teaching staff will be able to contribute to our education with a passion.

Kazuhito Tomizawa

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