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Departments of Home Care Nursing and Gerontological Nursing
部 門 環境社会医学部門
分 野 看護学分野

准教授 安武 綾


This course focuses on education and research related to home health and geriatric nursing. With the ever-growing numbers of elderly living with diseases and disabilities at home and in medical facilities as a result of changes to disease patterns, the expectations for the role of nurses in supporting the elderly are increasing.
The Course of Home Health and Geriatric Nursing contributes to the construction of community-based integrated care systems and community-inclusive societies through involvement in research for the purpose of helping improve health promotion for local people living at a variety of different levels of health. The course also performs research and development into individual, group, and community care to maintain and promote the health of elderly patients with dementia and their families. The course contributes to creating communities where people with dementia can live comfortably by being involved in programs like Building Support Models that Utilize Social Support for Families Caring for Home-Bound Elderly Patients with Dementia.