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臨床医学教育研究センター 戻る
Center for Medical Education and Research



センター長 中村 公俊(医学科長、教授[小児科学講座])
特任助教 王 百慧(臨床心理士、公認心理師)
The Center for Medical Education and Research was founded in October 2010 to promote a particular mission for education of medical professionals, under the Faculty of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University. With a recent rapid introduction of the modern life science and technology to the field of health care and medicine, the clinical technology has advanced progressively. Under these situations, training of medical professionals who conduct the high quality medical care and safety is an urgent issue that we need to work out. Establishment of this Center is therefore aimed at contributing to the training of medical professionals through the research and practice in order to achieve the educational mission in fostering medical specialists. The Center carries out (i) research on building systems of education of medical professionals, (ii) curriculum reform in line with a new medical education system, (iii) education of clinical medicine by student participation and the practice in clinical medicine and procedures, etc.
Director NAKAMURA Kimitoshi, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Baihui WANG