Special course and program of doctoral course▼
Educational Course for Researchers for Eradication of AIDS

This course has two sub-courses, "Educational Course for Researchers on Translational Research for Eradication of AIDS" and "Educational Course for Research Frontiers on AIDS", and aims to produce researchers with the expertise to promote translational research and specialists in highly pathogenic microorganisms like HIV-1 and AID. Students can acquire basic knowledge and technology to conduct AIDS research in the many fields of AIDS and practical training of various research methods using Japan’s largest P3 facility. Systematic education is offered through various programs.

Course of Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine

This course aims to produce researchers and doctors who can take lead roles to solve issues in the practice of biology and regenerative medicine in the future. We offer unique classes of biology and regenerative medicine and common classes. Thorough education and research guidance are given by a number of teaching staff of related departments. Especially, we conduct the educational research communication with students and teaching staff to enforce Project-based Learning and progress report based on the idea of the Liaison Laboratory which is core system of Cell Fate Regulation Research and Education Unit of Global COE program.

Global COE program Cell Fate Regulation Research and Education Unit
Liaison Laboratory

Course of Metabolism, Circulation and Related Informatics

This course produces high level life science researchers, professional clinicians, epidemiology and healthcare specialists. Students acquire the following knowledge and techniques:

  • Theory and techniques of bioinformatics using metabolomics and proteomics.

  • Production and analysis technology of disease model animals through developmental engineering.

  • Basic clinical state of various disease related metabolic syndromes.

  • Medical state. diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

  • Diagnosis and treatment based on the knowledge of metabolomics and circulatory information.

  • Practical knowledge and expertise in lifestyle disease prevention and health promotion.

Cancer Professional training Program

This program aims for consistent high quality cancer treatment in Kyushu. We will build up a network with 13 universities in Kyushu, 31 cancer hospitals and palliative care hospitals, and promote cancer treatment, information collection, and education and research, cooperating with government and medical associations to ensure effective education.

Recommendation system for Master’s course▼

We give recommendations of master’s course entrance exam for students who graduated four-year universities after March in the same year as taking the entrance exam, or are expected to graduate next March. In this system there is an English test only for students who are committed to entering the doctoral course after finishing the master’s course and can give assurance to enter master’s course when they pass the exam. A letter of nomination from the teacher of the graduating universities is needed.

screening exam for doctoral course▼

Students in the second grade of master course of graduate schools at Kumamoto university may apply for the screening exam of doctoral course aside from general exam. Students are exempt from examination fee and admission fee. Only oral examination about research contents or research plans is held. Students who have finished the master’s course and are in the second grade of other universities’ master’s course are not allowed to apply. (required to take general exam)

Extension system▼

We have the system which allows the extension of the study term. It is possible to extend doctoral course from 4 to max 8 years and the master’s course from 2 to 4 years. Extensions may be granted to applicants after consideration of the circumstances. The amount of tuition is the same as the regular term students.

Term shortening system for doctoral course▼

This is a system whereby the study term can be shortened term when students meet certain standards such as excellent achievements in research. It was applied to two students in 2008.

Credit transfer system▼

We have entered into a student exchange agreement with Keio University Graduate School of Medicine. Students belonging to each graduate school can take classes and study reciprocally.