Education Program

Master Course

Principles and Aims

The aim of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences is to produce researchers, educators and professionals with knowledge of medical and life science who will acquire high level research expertise in their professional field.


Master’s Course of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences aims to produce technicians and professionals active in medicobiology and health care fields with advanced specialized knowledge.The applicants must have good communication skills in Japanese by the time of enrollment in Master Course.All lectures of Master Course are given in only Japanese.


  1. Kumamoto University has Center for AIDS Research, Institute of Resource Development and Analysis and Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics in its medical research center. We can conduct the study of immunology, molecular embryology and genetics, genetic medicine, brain and neural science based on these research centers. And we offer opportunities to students from various fields.
  2. University hospital boasts highly-sophisticated medical treatment. We have the system to produce professionals with advanced medical knowledge through the education of the fundamentals of highly-sophisticated medical treatment and clinical medicine.