Principles and Aims

The aim of the doctoral course is to produce researchers, educators and professionals with knowledge of medical and life science who will acquire international research expertise in their professional field.


1.Educators and researchers for basic medical care and life science field.

2.Educators and researchers for clinical medicine field.

3.Professional doctors who have an inquiring mind.

4.Educators and researchers for bioethics and psychology.

5.Professionals of medical information, medicinal information and clinical trial field.

6.Educators, researchers and administrative officers of environmental health and welfare field.

7.Development researchers of companies in medical welfare field.




◆Education Courses

In addition to general courses (medical basic science / clinical medicine), the following education courses are available.


1.  General course ( medical basic science )
This course provides world-class researchers and educators who will be active in medical and life science fields.


2.General course ( clinical medicine )
This course provides clinicians with strongly driven research aspirations.


3.The Course of Educational Program for Advanced Research in Infectious Diseases and AIDS
In this course, we train basic medical researchers and health care workers regarding infections caused by various pathogenic microorganisms and HIV/AIDS.


4.The Course of Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine
This course provides comprehensive understanding of interdisciplinary fields related to developmental biology and regenerative medicine, and nurtures leading reseachers and doctors who will tackle the problems that must be solved in practicing future developmental biology and regenerative medicine.


5.The Program for Experts of Metabolism, Circulation and Related Informatics
This course develops life science researchers who are familiar with the clinical pathology of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, top-class clinicians with a research mind,and epidemiology and health care professionals with excellent pathological knowledge.


6.The Course of Educational Program for extension of healthy life expectancy
This course aims to foster young researchers with a wide range of knowledge and high level of expertise to solve the problem of extending healthy life expectancy faced by developed countries including Japan and Southeast Asian countries by conducting advanced basic and clinical research such as elucidation of aging mechanisms, search for aging and healthy longevity markers, and development of new treatment methods for various aging-related diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, and dementia.