Admission policy
Feature of Graduate School of Medical Sciences

We have built up a new system which can respond to the needs of the times while maintaining the division between staff members and education system. The students of Graduate School of Medical Science are taught by staff members from the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Medical Embryology and Genetics, Center for AIDS Research, Institute of Resource Development and Analysis, Health Care Center and 82 divisions and clinic of University hospital. The education focused on 「研究者・教育者の育成」(“Producing researchers and educators”) 2004~2007)has been conducted based on this new system.


We have organized the educational system taught by staff members from several divisions to develop autonomy and internationality of students in the molecular embryology and genetics education field supported by 21st century COE program “Cell Fate Regulation Research and Education Unit (2002 – 2006) ” and Global COE Program “Cell Fate Regulation Research and Education Unit” (2007 – 2011). The doctoral course integrated four majors into one major, Medical Sciences, in 2008.


We have enhanced the internationalism of the students through society activities related to infectious diseases education as well as English classes supported by 「熊本大学臨床医学疫学機関連携事業」(2005~2009)


We have built up the graduate school education system specific to AIDS research supported by Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate Schools “Training and Educational Program for Eradication of AIDS (2006 – 2007)”.


We have built up the education system for oncologist supported by “Cancer Professional training Program (2007 – 2011)”


We have enhanced the graduate school education of molecular embryology and genetics, AIDS, disease model animals, metabolic disease, cyclothymic disorder, proteomics and environmental medicine supported by 重点領域研究A3件 and B3件


The doctoral course integrated four majors to one major, Medical Sciences, for the purpose of cultivating high level medical staff. We have achieved a high quality international graduate school education since starting the new curriculum. And we have improved the study environment for international students, working members and women.