Want strongly motivated brains

The graduate school of medical sciences consists of a four-year doctoral course and a two-year master’s course. The master’s course was created in 2002 in response to the upsurge in medical and biological research, as well as society needs. The course is designed for graduates of 4-year undergraduate programs. Graduates of the master’s course are encouraged to continue their education by enrolling in the doctoral course.


The doctoral course unified into one academic course used to be composed of four and is starting new teaching programs to enrich the lecture education at the school. However, the main purpose of the graduate school is to train good scientists who are going to be a leader among researchers working in different disciplines.


Our graduate school has both basic and clinical science departments. To achieve many missions, we reach out and collaborate with laboratorians throughout the school. Our research and education focuses on molecular biology, embryology, carcinogenesis, immunology, virology (AIDS) etc. Research and education programs on metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are going to be operating.


Owing to the demands of a highly technical age, each is a specialist in her or his own right in our graduate school. We are proud of our achievements during these past years.


Now, want highly motivated brains.


Kazuhito Tomizawa