The students of Graduate School of Medical Science are taught by staff members from the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Medical Embryology and Genetics, Center for AIDS Research, Institute of Resource Development and Analysis, Health Care Center and 81 divisions and clinic of University hospital. The doctoral course was integrated from four majors to one major, Medical Sciences, in 2008. And our aim is to produce educators and researchers at international level, and clinicians with strong motivation for research. We have started a number of new courses; Course of Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Cancer Professional training Program and Course of Metabolism, Circulation and Related Informatics in addition to two courses of Educational Course for Researchers for Eradication of AIDS; Educational Course for Researchers on Translational Research for Eradication of AIDS and Educational Course for Research Frontiers on AIDS, The Graduate School of Medical Science cooperates with Global COE Program “Cell Fate Regulation Research and Education Unit(established 2007)” with a core of IMEG and Global COE Program Global Education and Research Center Aiming at the control of AIDS (established 2008)』with a core of Center of AIDS Research.

Curriculum of doctoral course