Various procedures



◆Application Form of Overseas Travel

If you plan to travel abroad (including personal travel), please be sure to notify the GSMS Student Affairs Division of your travel plans in advance.
Please register your detailed travel itinerary on the ” Application Form of Overseas Travel ” from the moodle site and submit the ” Notification of Overseas Travel ” to the GSMS Student Affairs Division.

Application Form of Overseas Travel(Moodle)

Notification of Overseas Travel (Word)



◆Application for Leave of Absence, Request for Withdrawal, Request for Permission to Resume Studies
Students have to submit all required documents at least one month before the desired date to Leave of Absence (withdraw, to resume studies).



Tuition exemption program

This program serves to exempt tuition fees after the examinations based on academic and family-finance standards (total or half exemption).

International scholarship system
Support for Conference Travel Expenses

For the purpose of developing the ability of graduate students to present their research achievements at academic conferences, the education program will support the expenses incurred for travel and accommodation.

Kumamoto University Doctoral Course Scholarship Program (KDS)

This program provides scholarships aimed at recruiting excellent students and enabling academic research activities. The scholarships are offered to students in the doctoral course (partial exclusions may apply) and are offered to students who have demonstrated excellent results on the entrance examination, in academic performance, or in research activities.

Kumamoto University PhD Work-Scholarship (KWS)

Kumamoto University offers half-tuition Ph.D. work-scholarships to students with superior academic records who are enrolled in Ph.D. programs (except Master’s courses). Recipients of this work-scholarship will be employed as Research Assistants or Teaching Assistants to strengthen education and research at the university.


FY2015 Open Recruitment for Kumamoto University PhD Work-Scholarship (KWS) (Graduate School of Medical Sciences) (1st Semester)

Teaching assistant (TA)

Students belonging to Graduate School of medical sciences can apply as teaching assistants for research assistant work of research projects.