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Faculty of Life Sciences Kumamoto University

We no longer have a barrier between the fields of medical research and pharmaceutical research, and the development of this interdisciplinary field is impressive because of the progress of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences research these days. We integrated medical research course and pharmaceutical research course precisely to adjust to this movement. This new system graduate school was launched in Apr 2003.

The Faculty of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences is Japan's biggest specialized medical research organization and is composed of 3 divisions, 11 great departments and 72 departments.

"Division of Integrated Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Sciences" conducts research to deepen educational system of basic medicine and pharmaceutical sciences field.

"Division of Advanced BIomedical Sciences" engages in advanced research for medical and pharmaceutical sciences field such as transplantation therapy and genomic drug discovery.

"Division of Environmental and Sociomedical Sciences" examines the relationship between "medical research and pharmaceutical research, society" and" disease and environment" scientifically. The aim of this faculty is to contribute to health issues and welfare for mankind through research and education about life and medical care.