We no longer have a barrier between the fields of medical research and pharmaceutical research, and the development of this interdisciplinary field is impressive because of the progress of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences research these days. We integrated medical research course and pharmaceutical research course precisely to adjust to this movement. This new system graduate school was launched in Apr 2003.


The Faculty of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences is Japan's biggest specialized medical research organization and is composed of 3 divisions, 11 great departments and 72 departments.


"Division of Integrated Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Sciences" conducts research to deepen educational system of basic medicine and pharmaceutical sciences field.


"Division of Advanced BIomedical Sciences" engages in advanced research for medical and pharmaceutical sciences field such as transplantation therapy and genomic drug discovery.


"Division of Environmental and Sociomedical Sciences" examines the relationship between "medical research and pharmaceutical research, society" and" disease and environment" scientifically. The aim of this faculty is to contribute to health issues and welfare for mankind through research and education about life and medical care.

Basic Aims

■Research and Education

Though creative research in medical and pharmaceutical sciences, we search for answers to how the human body works and introduce the results into practices in medical treatment and prediction and into the prevention of disease. We constantly challenge the fields that are not yet known to medical sciences, medical treatment, and pharmaceutics, and we contribute to the development of medical treatment and pharmaceutical sciences.


WIth education that places importance on independence, we convey our research results to the next generation and nurture researchers in medical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, bioethics, and also leading medical workers.

■Social Contributions

We return the intellectual property gained from the research activities to society and thus contribute to the development of the health and welfare of mankind.


We conduct training for leading human resources experts inside and outside the country in the fields of medical treatment and medical pharmaceutical sciences, and through this we contribute to the development of society.

Basic Principles

■Research and Education

We promote fundamental and advanced research in life sciences, medical treatment, and medical pharmaceutical sciences; thus we arrange and fulfill a structure that can deal with the various tasks that medical treatment has or will have in the future.


We accurately pass on the knowledge gained through the history of the medical and pharmaceutical sciences and create an educational system that can challenge advanced intelligence as well as promote advanced graduate school education.


We base our administration and operation on fairness and honesty. We also support academic research which is based on the autonomy and spontaneity of our constituent members and on the secure freedom of academic disciplines.


We ask our constituent members to participate in the drawing up of our operation principles and their realization from the standpoint of each of the members.


We aim at an open postgraduate faculty which conducts self-inspection and self-evaluation of its research activities and educational operation, and also actively seeks critical evaluation from outside.