Division / Advanced Biomedical Sciences
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology
Great Departments / Neuroscience
Professor FUKUDA Takaichi
tfukuda(at mark)
Lecturer ESUMI Shigeyuki
esumi(at mark)
Assistant Professor SHIGEMATSU Naoki
sigematu(at mark)
Assistant Professor MIYAMOTO Yuta
Research theme

Neuronal gap junctions are ubiquitously observable throughout the cerebral cortex, striatum, and many other brain regions, but it remains almost unknown how they constitute neuron network and thereby how they play roles in neuronal computation during the brain activity. 

We have for the first time visualized threedimensional structures of the gap junction-coupled network by innovated morphological techniques including the correlated EMCLSM.

The main goal of our study is to demonstrate a new architecture of the brain in which gap junctional linkage will be incorporated as a key component.

Striatal GABAergic interneurons linked by gap junctions