Division / Integrated Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department of Metabolic Medicine
Great Departments / Metabolic and Cardiovascular Medicine
Professor Eiichi Araki
earaki(at mark)
Associate Professor Takeshi Matsumura
Lecturer Tatsuya Kondo (University Hospital Affiliation)
t-kondo(at mark)
Assistant Professor Junji Kawashima
Assistant Professor Takafumi Senokuchi
Assistant Professor Masaji Sakaguchi
Research theme

Our main focuses are on molecular analysis and development of new treatments in the field of metabolic and endocrine disorders. In the field of diabetes, we are focusing on the

  1. 1.mechanisms of insulin secretion and insulin signaling,
  2. 2.role of mitochondrial oxidative stress on diabetic complications,
  3. 3.regeneration of pancreatic ß-cells,
  4. 4.differentiation and function of white adipose tissues,
  5. 5.clinical application of Mild Electric current and Thermo (MET) therapy to reduce visceral fat and improve insulin resistance, and
  6. 6.non-invasive measurement of skin AGEs to evaluate diabetic vascular complications.

In the field of endocrinology, we are focusing on the

  1. 1.pathophysiology and diagnosis of adrenal tumor,
  2. 2.harmful effects of aldosterone on pancreatic ß-cells and its prevention by eprerenone.
  3. 3.pathophysiology of glucose intolerance in acromegaly

In the field of lipid metabolism, atherosclerosis and obesity, we are focusing on

  1. 1.role of AMPK on atherogenesis,
  2. 2.role of macrophage proliferation in atherosclerotic lesion formation,
  3. 3.impact of PPAR activation in atherosclerosis, and
  4. 4.genetic background of obesity in human.