Division / Integrated Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Great Departments / Sensory and Motor Organ Sciences
Professor Takeshi Miyamoto
Lecturer Tatsuki Karasugi
Assistant Professor Nobukazu Okamoto
Assistant Professor Hiroo Sato
Assistant Professor Kiyoshi Oka (University Hospital Affiliation)
Research theme

The up-regulation of ER stress with progress of cartilage degradation (A) and The inhibition of cartilage degradation by control of ER stress (Chop knockout) (B).

We have several research groups which are independently persisting their own orthopaedic basic projects. Representative research themes of each group are as follows;

1.Joint Group:

  1. ・Development and clinical application of total hip arthroplasty for Japanese people
  2. ・In vivo kinematics of total knee arthroplasty
  3. ・Molecular mechanisms of joint destruction in osteoarthritis
  4. ・Quantitative MR imaging of articular cartilage
  5. ・Growth and differentiation signaling and regulatory mechanisms in cartilage /tendon regeneration

2.Spine Group:

  1. ・Molecular mechanisms of degeneration and hypertrophy of the ligamentum flavum in lumbar spinal canal stenosis
  2. ・Development of the intervertebral disc spacer using PVF sponges

3.Oncology Group:

  1. ・Application of diffusion-weighted MR Imaging to the differential diagnosis and the Evaluation of chemotherapy in musculoskeletal tumors