Division / Integrated Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department of Hematology,Rheumatology and Infectious Disease
Great Departments / Basic and Clinical Medicine
Professor Masao Matsuoka
Assistant Professor Hiro Tatetsu
Assistant Professor Shikiko Ueno
Research theme

We focus on studies of the molecular pathogenesis of adult T-cell leukemia (ATL), lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and leukemia, using next-generation sequencing and molecular methods for establishment of novel therapeutics to these diseases. For collagen diseases, we analyze clinical samples, and aim to find out important factors for prognosis of diseases. We are performing the state-of-the-art research on human retroviruses, HTLV-1 and HIV-1, and developing new anti-viral drugs and immunotherapy to these viral infections. We have reported the novel mechanisms how HTLV-1 encoded gene induces leukemogenesis and inflammatory diseases.