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Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Division Integrated Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Great Department Medicinal Chemistry
Website http://www.ohtsuki-lab.jp/
Professor Sumio Ohtsuki
sohtsuki(at mark)kumamoto-u.ac.jp
Assistant Professor Shingo Itou
Reserach theme
Structure of fattiviracins FV-8
We search new proteins (genes) that should be new targets of medicine. For example, in order to induce over-initiation of DNA replication in cancer cells, we examine mechanism governing the regulation of DNA replication. We also analyze stress genes by use of DNAchip technique to established the clinical protocol for stress-induced diseases.
And also, we are searching for new antitumor and antiviral drugs produced by microorganisms. Topoisomerases are known to be the target enzymes of antitumor drugs. Topostatin and isoaurostatin having novel structures are the antitumor drugs of new type which do not give DNA damage unlike the conventional antitumor drugs. Fattiviracins found as antiviral agents are novel compounds effective for herpes, human immunodeficiency and influenza virus. Fattiviracins will be in clinical use for the treatment of viral diseases. Now, we have tried to find more effective antitumor and antivirus drugs by carrying out syntheses of the structure analogues.