Division / Advanced Biomedical Sciences
Department of Neurology
Great Departments / Neuroscience
Professor UEDA Mitsuharu
Associate Professor YAMASHITA Satoshi
Assistant Professor MISUMI Yohei
Assistant Professor NAGATOSHI Akihito
Research theme

We are working on five special projects: 1) the analyses of pathological mechanism and therapeutic approaches for FAP, 2) the gene therapy of PMD using our original new generation Adenoviral vector system, and the MSCs with ex vivo lentiviral gene transfer, and exploring the role of dystrophin in CNS, 3) the assessment of the thrombolytic therapy for the hyper acute stage of the Stroke with MRI/CT, ultrasonography, DSA, and SPECT, 4) the genetic/pathological analysis of CADASIL, 5) the analysis of pathophysiological mechanism and development of the effective therapy for neurodegenerative disorders including sporadic and familial ALS.

Figure 1: Life-long lentiviral mediated μdystrophin expression was observed on mdx TA muscle.
Figure 2: Improvement of skeletal deformity by MSC therapy on dko mouse.

Figure 3: Typical distribution of white matter lesions in a CADASIL patient (upper). GOM was detected on electron microscopic evaluation (lower left), and Notch 3 R133C mutation was also confirmed on the patient.